By Bryan de Flores

In an effort to keep our energy high and stay inspired during this wild rollercoaster ride to ascension, I have put together a list of movies, music and books for your enjoyment. Many of these offerings, such as the movie Riding Giants and the trance compilation Best of Trance #4, may seem unlikely candidates at first glance, but are probably exactly the lift that many people need. Anyway, pick and choose as you like and have fun! Many blessings to you all!


That’s Entertainment / Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4   Amazing, high-energy, musical infusions from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Freedom Writers  The story of how a group of young, disillusioned students discover their hidden gifts and talents.

Legend of Atlantis Hard to find, astonishingly beautiful, five video-only series of the multidimensional history of Earth…find this at all costs, I highly recommend it!

Joshua (Tony Goldwyn)  A modern day story of a mystical, spiritual man and the miracles he brings to a small town.

Last Holiday (Queen Latifah)  An inspiring movie about spontaneity and living life to the fullest.

The Man from Earth  The story of a man who claims to have lived from the beginning of time…fascinating!

Howl’s Moving Castle & My Neighbor Totoro  Fresh, amazing, fantastic! These Miyazaki films are lush fantasies with real energy and captivating elemental magic.

Fairy Tale: A True Story  A magical film which brings the memory of fairies to life and back into our modern consciousness.

Peaceful Warrior  An impactful, sensational film about the intensity of spiritual training and mind over matter manifestation.

Under the Tuscan Sun  Filled with happiness, simplicity and beauty, this film is about living your destiny and savoring all of its moments.

Proof (Gwyneth Paltrow) A story of spiritual genius and self discovery and how to follow the high streams of energy with amazing performances.

Bee Season  Indigo children, the Kabbalah and ancient mind-linking technology…what more can you ask for?

Thomas Crown Affair A feisty, funny, sexually charged, high energy cat-and-mouse film featuring Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan.

Riding Giants A high-energy, dazzling, eye-opening trip through the history of big wave surfing.


Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album Various

Somewhere in a Dream Hisham

Europop Eiffel 65

Tibet/Nada Himalaya Deuter

The Best of Leann Rimes Remixed Leann Rimes

Majesty & Angel Love Aeoliah

Harem & Eden Sarah Brightman

Best of Trance Volume #4

Quinn by Quinn (hard to find, but really fantastic energy!)

Gold: Greatest Hits ABBA

Hu Song Eckankar (

Incantation Tim Wheater

Stone of Destiny & Sons of Somerled Steve Macdonald

Celtic Woman (CD 1)

The Sacred Well/Best of 2002 2002

Special note: All of the above are wonderful, I play them in my home and car all the time!


Ana, the Grandmother of Jesus Claire Heartsong: The amazing account of Anna and all of the other high beings who came to Earth in preparation for Jesus' life, self-realization, crucifixion and ascension.

The Music of Time Preston Nichols: Preston Nichols has written a mind-blowing, amazing book. It covers subjects ranging from time travel, reality manipulation, and mind control, to rock n' roll, sound engineering, and esoteric physics.

Voyagers 2: Secrets of Amenti Anna Hayes: A mind-expanding, captivating cosmology of the universe and Earth’s Divine Plan of ascension.

Initiation Elizabeth Haitch: Thrilling past-life recollections of the high-alchemy initiations in Egypt, featuring the Ark of the Covenant and the illusive all-powerful Staff of Life.

Elanra: The Healing of Orion Solara: A wild and often hilarious love story between a fallen angel and a star commander which takes place during the devastating Intergalactic Wars in Orion.

Prysm of Lyra & Preparing for Contact Lyssa Royal/Keith Priest: An exploration of human galactic heritage and a tutorial on how to prepare yourself for conscious ET / Human contact.

Celestine Prophesy, Tenth Insight and Secret of Shamballa James Redfield: A simple and direct, high-level, spiritual teaching made accessible through adventurous and masterful storytelling.

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Chris Morton: Amazing, real-life, detective story of the ancient world and the mystical energy of the Crystal Skulls.

Ponder on This Alice Bailey: An excellent presentation of the themes found in the 24 books by Alice A. Bailey and Djwhal Khul. Listed alphabetically by subject, this is a great place to start a quest for enlightenment. Topics include Energy and Force, Mind, Death, the Plan, Time, Space and Money to name but a few.

Law of Attraction Ester and Jerry Hicks: A profound, easy-to-understand, channeled compilation of the prosperity teachings of Abraham.

Contact Has Begun Phillip Krapf: The astonishing, true story of a journalist's encounter with extraterrestrial beings known as the Verdants. Audio version recommended!

What is Lightbody? Tashira Tachi-ren and Archangel Ariel: In this book Tachi-Ren (who is an Angelic walk-in) articulates the lightbody process creating models, technologies and meditations to support ascension at every level.



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