This month’s transmission is a “Past-Life Memory” audio-visual activation, channeled from the healing temples of ancient Atlantis! This is given in the same style as my tele-seminars and is designed to initiate memory retrieval from your many past lives on Earth and from the stars. This past-life memory trigger matrix contains the mystical language of Atlantis, known as Vril, which will begin triggering memories to come forward from within the subconscious and move into the conscious mind. The image also contains the energy of the Atlantean/Egyptian Goddess and Lady Master Isis, who will help to guide you through the re-memory process to uncover your vast lineage from beyond this 3D world. Additionally, this activation will help to reconstruct and reconfigure misplaced memories and dreams, as well as enhance long and short term recollection.

To experience this Past-Life activation, simply click on the audio link below and listen as I proceed to take you through the activation. As you follow along with the sound of my voice, scroll down this page and view the image. Visualize the Vril activation symbols moving into their specified places, creating a crown of multi-colored energy around your head…triggering the memory veils to open and revealing your ancient heritage. As the activation progresses, the image’s high frequency symbols will initiate full memory transfer and bring forward long forgotten remembrances of the past. You may listen to this activation as often as you wish to enhance and increase the frequency of memories. The more it is used, the better the results!

Enjoy! Bryan de Flores

Past-Life Memory from Atlantis Audio Link


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