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Welcome Galactic Brothers and Sisters!

The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command

The Galactic Federation of Light was founded in our galaxy over 4.5 million years ago to assist in the ascension of humanity, as well as to prevent the domination and exploitation of this galaxy by inter-dimensional dark forces.  The Galactic Federation is made up of representatives and planetary councils from many worlds who are always working together for the betterment of all life everywhere.  Our Galactic Federation is currently working alongside the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet and galactic federations from other galaxies and universes to help the Earth and humanity evolve to the next level.  Currently the Galactic Federation of Light is composed of over 200,000 member star nations, confederations and unions of which approximately 40% of the represented races are humanoid with the remainder being varied forms of extraterrestrial sentient beings.  Each planet and race has a council within the Galactic Federation to represent them, no matter how small the population may be.

The Ashtar Command, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar Sheran, is known as the airborne division of the Brother and Sisterhood of Light. Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many off-planet civilizations, the Ashtar Command is here to assist us through the current cycle of planetary cleansing, polar re-alignment and final ascension into a new dimension of consciousness.  Specifically they monitor Earth’s magnetic field and grid systems, along with all astrophysical and geophysical conditions affecting our planet and the other planets within our solar system and galaxy.  The Ashtar Command also communicates and works directly with many humans (known as the ground crew) here on Earth to help expand spiritual consciousness and awaken the general population to the greater Divine Plan.

Within the Ashtar Command there are several divisions which operate in tandem to fulfill the directives and carry out the greater plan. Among these are the communications and healing divisions, arts and sciences divisions, in addition to the peace keeping and commerce divisions. These operate under the guidance of Ashtar’s Eagle Commanders and leaders including Commanders Monka, Kortek, Anton, Soltec, Athena, Korton, Avalon, Lytton, Jycondria, Alphon, Vrillion, Hatonn, Cassion, Voltra and Xyletron. Ashtar also has special fleets which help to regulate the many cultures visiting our world. These fleets, under the command of Ashtar Sheran, include the Starships Constellation, Pegasus, Wavestar, Phoenix, Aurora, Star Aquila, Athena and the Bluestar Rainbow Fleet.

The Ashtar Command ships are always broadcasting updated information to us here on the ground. In order to be a part of this experience, simply still your mind and ask for the Ashtar/Federation signal to be sent to you directly. The ethereal connection and transmissions will begin instantaneously, however allow some time for the messages to unfold, as energetic recalibrations and adjustments may need to be made within your mind and telepathic centers. Also, continued messages and images will be broadcast from the LightQuest Starbase periodically to update you on the galactic happenings and the current state of affairs here on Earth.

Thank you! - Bryan de Flores


The Golden Age of Aquarius 


The Age of Aquarius manifesting before us is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, which promises to create a new heaven and a new earth. Awakening to unity with the one creative source, humans are to be the co-creators of an age of love, peace and abundance. Our consciousness is becoming one with the mind and heart of God. Assisting us is a hierarchy of Ascended Masters under the orchestration of St. Germain. Personal guides, angels, extraterrestrials and great luminous beings also help us. In the new millennium our perfected values will authorize us to create substance from light. We will become the promise of Jesus when he said, “Greater works than these shall you do.”

In the new millennium we shall create magnificent temples to replace commonplace structures. The ordinary shall be exalted into the extraordinary. Communication with the devic kingdoms will help us design fantastic gardens and parks full of vibrant flowers and glorious trees. With our creative forces we will cultivate new species of plants and animals providing us with extraordinary beauty and spiritual nourishment. Colors will be brighter and more radiant. Our environment will become a celebration of life and wonder as we rediscover our knowledge and harmony with the elemental forces of fire, water, earth, air and space. The stars and solar forces of power will become available to us to birth and sustain a life of unlimited abundance and infinite creativity. We shall become as Gods, at play in the Elysium Fields!

In the past we have had brief glimpses of Golden Ages. They existed because great beings and avatars illuminated particular areas of the planet. Legends arose of mysterious realms such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Shamballa and Shangri-la. They are visions of utopian culture. It is still possible to see the beautiful temples of Classical Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the opulence of Persia and marvel at the magnificent beauty and technology oftentimes surpassing modern times. Later, the art and culture of the Renaissance, especially in Italy, continued the legacy of grace. Sculptures and paintings exalted form and substance into divine elegance, celebrating the creative inspiration of humanity. The intricacies of Mayan and Aztec architecture remind us of our galactic origins and human potentiality. This new Golden Age is heralded as a permanent one where it is possible for every person to actualize their divine identity as sons and daughters of God. Humanity can step into a new arena of ease and elegance where struggle and strife are distant memories, powerless and ironic reminders of pettiness and limitation.

In the new paradigm we shall experience one thousand years of peace, prosperity and abundance! We are the pioneers, the avatars and initiators of bringing heaven to earth. We are the harbingers of contact and contract with our galactic brothers and sisters in knowledge and evolution. Now is our opportunity to move beyond the familiar into the potentiality of the vibrant frequencies of light and life. Now is the time to realize we are the co-creative forces of life with the divine. As you believe, so shall it be! The time is now!


In the Spirit of Giving...

In the spirit of giving, all lightworkers should do what they can to assist others around the globe as humanity encounters various challenges. Giving $3, $5, $10 or more to those in need is a great way to show your support and help people to rebuild their lives and regain their dignity. Additionally, sending light and energy each day to those currently experiencing global challenges will assist them in many seen and unseen ways. Join us in this united effort!

Many blessing to you! Bryan and the LightQuest Team

Please see each charity's website for further information.


My New Red Shoes
330 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 135
Redwood City, CA 94065

Operation Blessing International
PO Box 2636
Virginia Beach, VA 23450


Help teachers in low income areas with classroom projects!

Casey Cares Foundation-Eastern Shore
11100 Coastal Highway, Unit 2007
Ocean City, MD 21842

Movable Feast
PO Box 2298
Baltimore, MD 21203

Humane Society of Sedona
2115 Shelby Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336



Glossary of New Paradigm Terminology

Akashic Record: the etheric band of energy on Earth where all events, thoughts and impressions are indelibly recorded.

Ascended Masters: souls who have attained mastery through many lifetimes on Earth and who guide humanity and carry out the Ascension Plan from the higher etheric planes. Well known among the Masters are Djwhal Khul, Serapis Bey, Isis, Mother Mary, Paul the Venetian, Jesus, Quan Yin, St. Germain, Kuthumi and Buddha.

Ascension: an energetic acceleration transforming all physical matter to a lighter, higher frequency. Earth and all of its inhabitants are now going through this process. We are ascending from the third dimension (coarse-matter world) through the 4th dimension (a non-physical gateway) and will emerge into the 5th dimension of time/space (fine-matter world).

Ashtar Command: the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, known to the us as Jesus Christ. The Ashtar Command is comprised of millions of starships and personnel from many civilizations, who are here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing, polar realignment and final ascension into the 5th dimension of consciousness.

Astral Plane: the plane of illusion, archetypes, glamour and of a distorted presentation of reality.

Aura: the luminous colorful field of subtle energy radiating within and around the human body.

Chakras: etheric energy centers within the human body

Channeling: a process of opening dimensional pathways within oneself to allow spirit guides or other beings to share your energy field in order to impart information verbally or transmit energy.

Children of the Blue Ray: highly developed souls from other planets and dimensions that are arriving on Earth to assist in the Ascension process.

Christ Consciousness: full awareness of self and creation. Compassion, unconditional love and Divine Wisdom.

3rd Dimension: This is the density where human beings emerge. It is a vibration, which creates the illusion of separation and thus, the challenge toward awakening. This is the frequency that expresses the most separation from the whole. It is the dimension where many people get locked into the belief that only what is perceived by the five physical senses is real. This is the most intense of all levels where many lessons are learned. The opportunity for growth and acceleration of the soul is maximized in this dimension.

4th Dimension: Presently on Earth, the 4th dimensional reality is overlapping the 3rd. In humanity's case, this can account for an increased desire for unity, peace and unconditional love as opposed to the illusion of separation, which characterizes the 3rd dimension. The vibratory rate of reality is stepped up and therefore one may be faced with personal issues in a much more rapid and intense way. This is the frequency of responsibility for what one has created. Negativity becomes more difficult to maintain in the 4th dimension.

5th Dimension: Also known as the Golden Age reality, where dreams become reality and where souls become unlimited. A 5th dimensional being has no ego apart from the Higher Self, and therefore experiences perpetual freedom, divine grace, beauty, creativity, joy, wisdom, prosperity and abundance.

Special Note: There are twelve primary dimensions on Earth. One, three and five are physical. Two, four and six through twelve are non-physical realms. Within each dimension are 12 octaves.

Divine Will: the exercising of true spiritual power; always working for the highest good of all involved in alignment with one’s soul contract and destiny pattern.

Dweller on the Threshold: the final test before initiation, inspiration or illumination. Usually a huge thought-form which needs to be dissipated in order to move into a higher understanding of Self; the ‘shadow’ or unredeemed aspect of the personality that has built up over many previous lifetimes.

Energy Package: vibrational information usually originating from another dimension or planet; symbols and pictures encased within an etheric package for an individual or group.

Earth Resonant: any energy (physical or non-physical) that does not cause an imbalance or disturb the frequency of our planet.

Ego Structure: a construct of the Negative/Positive polarity consciousness, which exists apart from the Higher Self. The Ego perpetuates the illusion of separation, focusing on duality and the Good and Evil scenario.

Etheric body: the non-physical soul body.

Free Will: the original God-given gift to each and every soul; Free Will gives you the option to do whatever you wish regardless of whether or not it is for your highest good.

Gaia: the spirit of the Earth.

Golden Age: those periods in Earth’s history where civilizations have experienced a shift from a lower frequency into a higher frequency.

Grid System: the electrical energetic webbing that runs through and around our planet.

Guardian Forces: a group of physical and non-physical beings from many realms that come together to guide and assist humanity to further enhance their evolution.

Off-Planet: existing, taking place or coming from outside the limits of Earth.

Idiot Compassion: the term used to describe the single action or habitual pattern of interfering with or supporting other people’s dramas without first determining whether lending your advice or energy is appropriate; not allowing others to move through their own experiences and become empowered. Idiot Compassion is usually accompanied by a significant energy drain!

Initiation: to enter into a higher level of consciousness or knowingness.

Karma: the principal of cause and effect. What one sows, one shall reap!

Lightbody: a perfected 5th dimensional Christed body; ageless, beautiful and luminous. We are currently in very dense water-based bodies and are making the transition to air-based bodies.

Mystery School: an intense and exhilarating initiation, which unlocks the body consciousness and initiates human souls into the higher frequencies. Usually includes the de-programming of the ego-structure and clearing the four lower bodies and cellular memory of all negativity and imbalances.

Negative Programming: useless or fear-based thought forms that are imprinted within your energy field by the mass- consciousness.

Psychic: sensitive to spiritual processes or energies.

Ring Pass Not: also known as the Great Barrier, the Ring Pass Not acts a separation point which can only be traversed by those who have achieved a high level of mastery.

Sacred Geometry: the foundation or building blocks of any creation; the blueprint.

Seven Rays: focused beams of spiritual energy that emanate from the Godhead for the purpose of healing, integration and expansion.

Shamballa: the City of the Masters; a physical retreat under the Gobi desert, which serves as the head quarters for the Ascended Masters who reside on Earth.

Stargate: a multidimensional portal into other realms.

Starseed: souls who have come to assist humanity but did not originate on Earth. These souls are usually from highly developed civilizations on other planets.

Terra: the true spiritual name for Earth.

Telepathy: communication that transcends the five senses, such as thought transmission.

Third Eye: the etheric ‘psychic’ organ that is located between the two physical eyes.

Upgrade: a rise in frequency or vibration.

Violet Flame: the energetic technology which allows one to transform, transmute and transfigure negative or imbalanced energy.

Vril Power: the powerful primordial cosmic energy in every individual, which exists at the base of the spine. This is often known as Kundalini energy.

Walk-in: a new soul occupying a physical body after the former owner volunteers to vacate, usually determined prior to birth.

White Light: the energetic veil of protection and safety, manifest through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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