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$7 Spiritual Frequency Cures for Cancer,
Asthma/Allergies, Fertility, Hair Restoration, HIV,
Vision Problems, Hearing Impairment, Depression,
Autism, Spinal Injuries, Bi-Polar and many more!

Designed by the Ashtar Command, in conjunction with Medical Assistance Teams, these images represent new potentials within the consciousness field. The delivery of these new, quantum healing matrixes is a united effort to quickly eradicate diseases and health glitches caused by stress, genetic flaws (abnormalities, links) and mass consciousness programming. These multidimensional healing tools are the first of their kind, employing a multitude of spiritual light frequencies to clear health issues and stimulate the body's natural healing ability. On a basic physical level, the Medical Miracle accelerators provide a focal point which will allow individuals to maintain a permanent, positive visualization throughout their experience. On the unseen levels, the images are complex, biological combination locks, which the body consciousness will easily recognize and use to return the entire system to an optimal state of health.

These frequency cures are designed to be utilized by both individuals who are currently dealing with the problem as well as those who feel they may be at risk. Each image will work on a variety of similar problems and will proceed to positively guide your thoughts, emotions and perceptions about what is occurring. Upon viewing, the images will begin to transmit a series of signals into your cellular structure, which will start to reconfigure the energy and transform even the most stubborn issue�even those which may have been present since birth. The images will also disconnect negative genetic links to future inherited/predisposed conditions and problems. Additionally, both medical professionals and holistic healers will greatly benefit from these templates as they are the perfect complement to traditional treatments and proven therapies.

Each of the Medical Miracle templates will require the assistance of the Universal Template #134, which will synchronize the image to your specific vibration. In addition, each template is personally infused with energy by me and my team here at LightQuest. Also, it is important for each and every individual to know that these often traumatic illnesses and problems are transitory �glitches in the system�, and that the more quickly one can visualize and feel themselves healed, the more rapidly it shall be done. As you believe, so shall it be!

Special Note:  If you are working with the medical templates I always recommend working with a few of the regular accelerator images of your choice as well. This is important because the high-energy accelerator templates work with the underlying issues which you may or may not realize are contributing to your medical "glitch".

Enjoy, Bryan de Flores

~ Bryan's Medical Miracle Audio Transmission ~

Universal Template

Bi-Polar Disorder
Female Organs & Fertility Issues #137
Male Organs & Fertility Issues #138

#134 - Universal Template

#135 - Cancer Cure: Breast, Lung, Pancreatic, Prostate, Colon, Bladder, Mouth & Throat, Thyroid, Brain, Reproductive Organs, Skin, Leukemia, etc.

#136 - Bi-Polar Disorder Cure

#137 - Female Organs & Fertility Issues Cure: PMS, Hot Flashes, Endometriosis, etc.

#138 - Male Organs & Fertility Issues Cure: Enlarged Prostate, Erectile Dysfunction

Multiple Sclerosis

Headaches & Head Trauma #140
Sleep Disorders #235

#139 - Multiple Sclerosis Cure

#140 - Headaches & Head Trauma Cure: Migraine, Concussion, Head Trauma, etc.

#141 - ADD/ADHD Cure: Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities

#234 - Arthritis Cure

#235 - Sleep Disorders Cure: Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Sleep Walking,
Narcolepsy, Sleep Paralysis, etc.

Blood Disorders

Down Syndrome
Bone Diseases
Spinal Injuries & Diseases #239

#236 - Blood Disorders Cure: Leukemia, Anemia, Hemophilia, Blood Clots, Iron Deficiency, etc.

#237 - Down Syndrome Cure

#238 - Bone Diseases Cure: Osteoporosis, Paget's Disease, Bone Spurs, Bone Cancer, etc.

#239 - Spine Injuries & Diseases Cure: Whiplash, Kyphosis, Herniated Disc, Scoliosis, etc.

#240 - Tumors Cure: Benign and Malignant Tumors

Candida & Parasites #241

Digestive Disorders #245

#241 - Candida and Parasites Cure

#242 - Diabetes Cure

#243 - HIV Cure: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

#244 - Autism Cure

#245 - Digestive Disorders Cure: Includes problems relating to the Esophagus, Colon, Small and Large Intestine, Enzyme Deficiencies, Intestinal Flora, etc.

Mental Disorders

Fear of Death
Heart Problems
Weight Loss

#246 - Mental Disorders Cure: Anxiety Disorder, Bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa, Body Dysmorphic, Dementia, Narcissistic Personality, etc.

#247 - Fear of Death Cure

#248 - Heart Problems Cure: Arrhythmia (Heart Palpitations), Coronary Artery Disease, Hyper Tension (High Blood Pressure), etc.

#249 - Weight Loss Cure

#250 - Addictions Cure: Prescription and Illegal Drug Dependency, Alcoholism, Smoking, Sexual Addiction, Kleptomania, Compulsive Shopping, etc.


Vision Problems
Asthma, Allergies,
Respiratory #254
Hearing Impairment #255

#251 - Phobias Cure: Arachnophobia (spiders), Social Phobia, Aerophobia (flying), Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Acrophobia (heights), etc.

#252 - Depression Cure: Related to Grief, Abandonment, Self-Worth, etc.

#253 - Vision Problems Cure: Near-Sightedness, Far-Sightedness, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Blindness, Blurred Vision, Cataracts, etc.

#254 - Asthma, Allergies & Respiratory Cure: Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Coughing,
Wheezing, Lung Problems, etc.

#255 - Hearing Impairment Cure: Tinnitus, Deafness, etc.

Hair Restoration

Cerebral Palsy
Teeth & Gums
Skin Conditions #259

#256 - Hair Restoration Cure

#257 - Cerebral Palsy Cure

#258 - Teeth and Gums Cure: Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Sensitive Teeth, etc.

#259 - Skin Conditions Cure: Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Hives, etc.

#260 - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Cure: Hoarding, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, etc.

Massage #272
Disease #261
Infections &
Viruses #262
Infusion #263
Minerals & Electrolytes #283

#272 - Energy Massage

#261 - Alzheimer's Disease Cure

#262 - Infections & Viruses Cure: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Avian (Bird) Flu,
Swine Flu, Lyme Disease, etc.

#263 - Vitamin Infusion

#283 - Minerals & Electrolytes

Muscular System

Nervous System
Scars & Birthmarks
Foot Issues
Varicose Veins #268

#264 - Muscular System
Muscle Cramps & Spasms, Tendinitis, Muscular Dystrophy,
Sprains & Strains, etc.
Special Note: Disorders such as Parkinson's & Huntington's Disease, etc. are considered both neurological & muscular in nature. For these and other disorders both the muscular & nervous system templates are needed.

#265 - Nervous System: Includes: Epilepsy, Seizures, Bell's Palsy, Brain Aneurysm, etc.
Special Note: Disorders such as Parkinson's & Huntington's Disease, etc. are considered both neurological & muscular in nature. For these and other disorders both the muscular & nervous system templates are needed.

#266 - Scars & Birthmarks

#267 - Foot Issues: Includes: Corns, Calluses, Ingrown Toenail, Achilles Tendinitis, Bunions, Toenail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Gout, Hammer Toes, Flat Feet/Fallen Arches, etc.

#268 - Varicose Veins

Supplements & Medications #297
System #271
System #293

#297 - Supplements & Medications

#269 - Menopause

#270 - Fibromyalgia

#271 - Endocrine System: Includes: Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal, Pineal, Pancreas, etc.

#293 - Lymphatic System

DNA Repair

Immune System
Lyme Disease
Lymphatic System #293

& Anxiety

#290 – DNA Repair

#291 – Immune System Disorders

#292 – Lyme Disease

#293 – Lymphatic System

#294 – Radiation

#295 – Recalibration Treatment for Stress

#296 – Energetic Acupuncture - Designed by the Ashtar Command, in conjunction with Medical Assistance Teams, this image works through the body’s meridian system to energetically pinpoint and correct imbalances, while stimulating the flow of chi through the body.  Energetic Acupuncture is a perfect complement to use with all other medical miracle templates and is recommended especially if there is stress present and/or one’s energy tends to fluctuate up and down quite a bit during the course of a day. 

The Universal Template is to be used
in conjunction with each Medical image!

Giving the Gift of Medical Miracles 


The templates are a wonderful gift to humanity at this time and are beneficial to give as gifts to family members and friends, including children and teenagers. While you can openly give these to those who are familiar with multidimensional energy, when giving to others you may want to follow the simple guidelines below.

1) Present them casually in a relaxed, natural and caring way. Do not be pushy or give information unless asked, as this will prevent the person from properly connecting with the templates. Be aware that many individuals do not necessarily need to read the information and instructions; all they need to do is view the image frequently.

2) You might say, “I was thinking of you and I saw these templates and I thought you might benefit from them.”

3) A Universal Template is needed for each individual using one or more Medical Miracle accelerators. The Universal Templates should not be shared.

Special Offer & Medical Audio Link!


The entire Medical Miracle collection is available at a special price of $250, plus shipping for all who would like to integrate this entirely new and ground-breaking energy field! You can also purchase the full collection in two separate packages if you prefer.

Medical Miracle Introduction

Audio Recording by Bryan de Flores



Medical Miracle Questions & Answers!

1) How do you work with the Medical Miracle templates? Basically, you need to sit quietly and focus your consciousness on the template by holding and looking at it. Consciously make an effort to interact with it. Remember, these templates are a living consciousness and do require small amounts of focused attention from the individual who desires their assistance. Also during this time you can use verbal affirmations to enhance the process. Work with one template at a time for a week for a few minutes or more per day. At that point, you can then can add in another template if you so choose. This gives the body a chance to integrate and start shifting one issue at a time.

2) How long do people need to use them before they notice changes? It is important to know that the templates start working immediately upon connection with the individual, however everyone's healing journey will differ, some may be healed overnight while others will take time according to how long they have had the particular issue. You should notice subtle thought-form and emotional changes regarding the issue within a week; noticing some detachment and less of a focus on the illness and more incoming positive thought-forms. Once again, healing time will differ with each individual, depending upon one's level of connection with the templates, the severity and duration of the condition.  Stay patient, focused and inspired!

3) How does the Universal Template work and does each individual using the Medical Miracle templates need one? The Universal Template helps to calibrate the Medical Miracle templates to an individual's unique, personal blueprint while syncing it to their current thought forms and emotions. Every individual working with a Medical Miracle Template or a group of templates needs to work with a Universal Template at all times. You can use the same Universal Template with every other template that you are using. But, if you are gifting a template to someone, each individual you are gifting must receive their own Universal Template.

4) What if there is an issue that falls into more than one category, for example bone cancer? If someone has bone cancer they would use both the Bone Diseases and Cancer Templates along with the Universal Template.

5) Can people who are experiencing the same issue share the templates? The energy is cleaner and much more precise if it is directed toward one specific individual. So while it is ok to share, it is not necessarily recommended.



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